Privacy Policy


           Security and reliability:

We do our utmost to protect your information from leakage, damage, and loss through reasonable and effective information security technologies and management processes.

           Independent choice:

We provide convenient information management options to allow you to choose from so that you can manage your personal information based on your own needs.

           Protection of the privacy of correspondence:

We protect your privacy of correspondence and provide you with secure communication services in strict accordance with laws and regulations.

           Reasonableness and necessity:

We collect only necessary information, but provide better services to you and other users.

           Openness and transparency:

We strive to present our privacy policy to you in concise and understandable language so that you can better understand how we process information.

           Integration of privacy protection into product design:

We integrate the principle of privacy protection into all links of the research, development, and operation of our products and services.


Information we collect

           We will collect personal information only necessary for the realization of our product functions in accordance with laws and regulations and on the principles of lawfulness, legitimacy, necessity, and good faith. Such information includes:

           Nickname, mobile number, avatar, etc. that you fill in or upload when registering an account or using our products or services.

           Information that you submit through our customer service or when you participate in any activity we hold.

           Specific personal information that some of our specific services may require you to provide to implement relevant functions. If you choose not to provide such information, your use of other functions in the products or services will not be affected.


How we use the information

To improve our user experience and services or for any other purpose agreed upon by you, we may use the information we have collected through certain services for our other services, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations. For example, we will use the information that you provide at the time of using one of our services for services such as personalized service experience, and user research, analysis and statistics.

To ensure the security of our services and help us better understand how our app runs, we may record relevant information about the app, such as the frequency, failure information, overall usage, and performance data, as well as where you download the app. We will not combine the information we store in our analytics software with the identity information you provide in the app.

With the development of our business, the product functions and services we provide may be adjusted and changed. If the information processing purpose is changed accordingly, we will explain such change to you, and request your consent before we continue to use your information.


How we use cookies, identifiers, and similar technologies

Cookies, identifiers, and similar technologies are widely used in the Internet industry. In accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, we or our third-party partners may collect your information by placing secure cookies, identifiers, and similar technologies so as to improve our user experience and services. We will strictly require our third-party partners to comply with the relevant provisions of this Privacy Policy.


Third-party data processing and public disclosure of information

We will process relevant data securely and prudently in accordance with the law and the minimum necessary rule during our cooperation with any third party.

We will strictly restrict the third parties involved in data processing in accordance with laws and regulations, and require them to strictly abide by our policies and requirements on data and privacy protection, including but not limited to processing data in accordance with the applicable data protection agreement, commitment letter, and relevant data processing policies, to ensure data security.

For the purpose of providing services to you, we may entrust a third-party service provider to process your personal information in strict accordance with our requirements and the relevant entrustment agreement.

We will strictly protect your personal information, and will not publicly disclose or share with our partners your personal information, unless with your separate consent or otherwise provided in laws and regulations, for example:


           Necessary to enter into or perform the contract to which an individual is a party, or to implement human resources management in accordance with labor rules and regulations formulated by law and collective contracts executed according to law;

           Necessary to fulfill statutory duties or obligations;

           Necessary to respond to a public health emergency or to protect natural persons' personal safety and property security in an emergency;

           Processing personal information to a reasonable extent, for purposes of news coverage and media monitoring for public interests;

           Processing, to a reasonable extent as prescribed by law, the personal information disclosed by individuals themselves or otherwise lawfully disclosed; and

           Other circumstances prescribed by laws and administrative regulations.

With the continuous development of our business, when your personal information is transferred to a third party as a result of a merger, acquisition, assets transfer, or other transaction, we will inform you of such transfer by means such as push notifications or announcements, and continue to protect or require the third party to continue to protect your personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations and standards that are no less stringent than those as required by this Privacy Policy.